9 Best Gaming PC Cabinets Under 5000 in India – Everyone is currently interested in choosing the right personal computer, especially if you are an addicted online game player. That’s comparatively easy to choose your computer’s memory storage, processor, motherboard, graphics card, and other components. But when it comes to selecting the best gaming cabinet under 5000, you might get confused about plenty of companies and models available in the market. It’s time-consuming to do comprehensive research and choose a perfect cabinet right now!

To make your concept clear about gaming cabinets, we’ve listed some of the best gaming cabinets under 5000 in India. And also, continue reading with us can support you choose the right one within your cost-savings investment. That’s not quite easy choosing the right gaming cabinet when you’ve already planned a price range, so you need to consider it wisely.

9 Best Gaming PC Cabinets Under 5000 In India

If you are customizing a monster gaming computer, a perfect gaming cabinet is an ultimate choice to enjoy an unlimited experience in your room. The top-notch gaming cabinets will appear completely advanced when compared with a normal cabinet, which is manufactured with advanced specifications and purchased to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. The following is the list of the 9 best gaming pc cabinets under Rs. 5000 in India –


Factors To Consider While Buying Best Gaming PC Cabinets

Here are some major points you must smartly consider ahead of investing in gaming cabinets –

Clearance For GPU And Other Components

You must consider whether your GPU fits inside the gaming cabinet you are planning to purchase. Not all PC Cabinets have sufficient GPU clearance for larger GPUs. And so, make sure your gaming computer cabinet must’ve ample clearance for cable management and other components.

Size And Compatibility With Motherboards

That’s immensely important to check if your motherboard is in-shape on your selected gaming cabinet, which you’ve planned to purchase. Motherboards are available in various style or models, and so you need to choose a cabinet as per your motherboard’s size and shape. You must ensure to get the right gaming cabinet, which is perfectly compatible with your motherboard. Additionally, you must ensure to choose the right size of the cabinet, whether you prefer medium or a small one is your eye-catcher, consider the amount of space it will occupy.

Number of Drive Bays & Ports

How many storages or port options you might prefer with your computer? That’s important to remember; not any computer cabinet will come with unlimited port options. Therefore, make sure to re-check whether your next one possesses enough ports to offer sufficient storage or not. Buyers should even consider whether its ports are coming with adjoin position ahead of purchasing a gaming computer cabinet.

Additional Case Aesthetics

Most current gaming cabinet comes with side panels, which is customized with glass cover, enabling users to showcase special components to others. Make sure your computer cabinet is manufactured with good routes to easily manage cables. In case you want a sturdy computer case option, choose one which isn’t made with unmanageable systems.

Air Flow

To enjoy the outstanding performance, make sure your gaming cabinet is customized with good airflow. This completely relies upon your gaming cabinet’s style and position of air circulation systems. Before making your payment, you must ensure your gaming cabinet enables perfect airflow (in/ out) without any interruption.



There’re several more cabinet options available in the marketing in these best gaming cabinets under the 5000 segment. But the PC Cabinets are all about making your PC look more attractive and enable a good airflow inside the PC. Without crossing your limited budget, here we’ve suggested to you the top 9 best of best PC Cabinets for gaming. You will never sense disappointment buying one from the above-mentioned list. To explore more about gaming cabinets and other electronic items currently available in the market, you can mention us in the below comment section.

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