Are you in search of the Best 5.1 Speakers Under 15000 in India 2020 ? Then you are reading the right post.

All of them are excellent in sound quality and updated with the latest technologies like Bluetooth set up and many more to attract buyers. Most speakers are easy to connect plug and play sort. There are even several installation videos available over the internet.

Surrounding sounds are indeed an excellent way to watch movies or online videos, regardless of its genre. You can experience as if you are present inside with much excitement. These updated speakers are very much enjoyed at pretty affordable rates today!

Readers are also requested to continue reading until the end to pick your selection. Here we will mainly explain the best 5.1 speakers available in India and priced under Rs. 15000.

This price range is right in every way while excellent quality speakers are considered which are currently available over the internet.

Best 5.1 Speakers Under 15000 in India 2020

Home Theater System Home Theater SystemSony DAV TZ145 Sony DAV TZ145 Dolby Digital Bravia Sync
Multimedia Speakers Multimedia SpeakersPhilips SPA4040B/94 Philips SPA4040B/94 Weird Speaker Connectivity
Bluetooth Audio Speaker Bluetooth Audio SpeakerF&D F6000X F&D F6000X FM Radio Included
Multimedia Speaker Multimedia SpeakerPhilips SPA6600 1 Philips SPA6600 1 60 Dolby Digital
Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker Bluetooth 5.1 SpeakerZebronics BT6590RUCF Zebronics BT6590RUCF 16 cm Subwoofer
Surround Sound 5.1 Surround Sound 5.1Logitech Z506 Logitech Z506 8-inch Ported Subwoofer
Home Theater Speaker Home Theater SpeakeriBall 5.1 Home Theater iBall 5.1 Home Theater 3-inch Full-Range Speaker Driver
5.1 Home Theater 5.1 Home TheaterMitashi BS-120BT Mitashi BS-120BT SC Card Reader - Remote Control
5.1 Channel Sound Bar 5.1 Channel Sound BarBlaupunkt SBW500 Blaupunkt SBW500 Analogue & Digital Connection
5.1 Multimedia System 5.1 Multimedia SystemZebronics ZEB BT9451 Zebronics ZEB BT9451 SC Card Reader - Remote Control

Sony DAV TZ145 Real 5.1 Dolby Digital Home Theater System

Features & Specifications

  • Configuration: 5.1 Speakers
  • Power Output: 360 Watts
  • Bluetooth: No
  • USB Port: Yes
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Weight: 8Kg
  • Decoders: Dolby Digital Bravia Sync

Sony is a well-renowned company and its electronic items are always manufactured with excellent quality. Sony DAV TZ145 comes with 360watts RMS that renders high-quality sound and a subwoofer provides 60watts output.

This advanced speaker is equipped with an upgraded sound mechanism, and so every purchaser can enjoy cinema hall like sound at home.

If you are searching for the best 5.1 speaker providing excellent quality sound, then Sony DAV TZ145 is always recommended under Rs. 15000.

This sound system is customized with HDMI output and so you can simply pair it with your HDTV. Even you can smartly sync it with Sony Bravia. This top-notch sound system ensures excellent compatibility among your speakers and players, resulting in outstanding audio-visual experiences.

This portal sound system is an ideal choice in a medium-sized room or maximum-sized auditoriums. You can experience clean and rich music with extremely crispy vocals at maximum volume also, which will append to overall immersive experiences.

However, Sony DAV TZ145 doesn’t support Bluetooth Connectivity, which is eventually customized with various speakers available at a cheaper price range.

In case you want an excellent sound system setup with exceptional sound clarity, then Sony DAV TZ145 is an excellent choice with.

Philips SPA4040B/94 Multimedia Speakers

Features & Specifications

  • Configuration: 5.1 Speakers
  • Power Output: 45Watts
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • USB Port: Yes
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • SD Card Slot: Yes
  • Weight: 6.1Kg
  • Speaker Connectivity: Weird
  • Signal To Noise Ratio: 60

That’s right! Philips no more needs any introduction whenever electronic gadgets are considered, especially sound systems.

Philips SPA4040B/94 comes with a modern appeal along with numerous options, such as SD Card Slot, USB Port, and Bluetooth Connectivity. This standard quality sound system guarantees immersive sound experiences paired with RMS of 45Watts.

This portal premium quality built-in speaker ensures rich and clear sound clarity, which is compatible with Mp3 Players, PCs, Smartphones, and Laptops. Philips SPA4040B/94 is comparatively lightly weighted around 6.1Kg. This is also one of the best 5.1 speakers under Rs. 15000 for gamers.

F&D F6000X Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

Features & Specifications

  • Configuration: 5.1 Speakers
  • Power Output: 135Watts
  • Weight: 5.23Kg
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
  • USB Port: Yes
  • FM Radio: Yes

F&D 5.1 Speakers are very much popular among most music enthusiasts in India for its exceptional sound clarity and affordable price range. F&D F6000X is a standard 5.1 sound system from the company, which renders insane surround sound experience when compared with other company’s speakers in a similar price range.

This portal speaker can perfectly match with any kind of home décor. This particular product is manufactured with premium quality components and plastics, which is pretty much visible and worthy investment. Buyers can even manually adjust output sound with a control switch as per individual preferences. This portal speaker is made with a glossy outer providing a premium appearance with great ergonomics.

F&D F6000X offers an overall sound output power of 135Watts RMS. This premium quality speaker’s rated often response ranges from 60Hz to 20000Hz, the base, treble notes, and vocals perfectly complement each other to offer a natural and ear-soothing sound signature.

You can enjoy soothing sounds even while playing music at a maximum volume. This portal speaker is a perfect match if you are a music enthusiast, who often snoops on punchy notes.

This F&D 5.1 Speaker features LED illuminated rings around a subwoofer speaker and its radiance effect is also controllable with smartphone apps. This premium-sound quality speaker is customized with FM Radio Tuner, USP Port, and AUX-in Connectivity.

F&D F6000X is a top-notch 5.1 home Theater speaker system with profound and punchy notes sound output. The speaker’s quality is robust with excellent match and miscellaneous options, such as – FM Radio Tuner makes it worth checking sound system available under Rs. 15000 in India.

Philips SPA6600 1 Multimedia Speaker

Features & Specifications

  • Configuration: 5.1 Multimedia Speakers
  • Weight: 9.2Kg
  • USB Port: Yes
  • FM Radio Tuner: Yes
  • SD Card Slot: Yes
  • Speaker Connectivity: Wireless
  • Signal To Noise Ratio: 60 Dolby Digital

Philips SPA6600 is another excellent quality sound system made with unique sound clarity at an affordable price range. This standard-quality sound system is manufactured with FM Radio Tuner, USB Port, and SD Card Slot, which is paired with various smart gadgets, such as – smartphones, gaming consoles, and smart televisions.

Philips SPA6600 is personalized with an elegant wooden appeal and weight of 9.2Kg that’s a little bit heavier. This particular sound system also supports multiple system connectivity, which is great news if you are a gamer.

This premium quality speaker will generate a cinema hall like experience inside your room and comes with wooden subwoofers and a sleek design.

Philips 5.1 Multimedia Speakers is an ideal choice if you want to experience surrounds sound as manufactured with excellent audio output of 60Watts RMS. This speaker system comes with multiple connectivity options, with which users can connect various smart gadgets. Philips SPA6600 is extremely recommended for all genres of music.

This speaker is applicable to install in various corners to experience a stereo surround sound output. Additionally, you can set-up a stereo system simply as it comes with a quick installation option.

This multimedia speaker comes with present equalizer settings, which will surely enhance user’s experiences always. There’s a wireless remote, which users can use to control the speaker’s main systems, such as – control sound volume, rewind your songs, replay music, change songs, and so on.

You can even install surround sound settings as per your preferences and circumstances as well. Philips SPA6600 is made with a compact design for optimal portability and an FM Radio Tuner for enjoyment.

Zebronics BT6590RUCF Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker

Features & Specifications

  • 1 Channel Speaker
  • LED Display
  • Stylish Design
  • BT/ USB/ AUX/ SD/ 5.1
  • 16 cm Subwoofer
  • Fully Remote-Control
  • Total Output Power: 65Watts RMS
  • Subwoofer: 10.16cm
  • Satellites: 6.98 cm
  • S/N Ratio ≥75db
  • Separation: ≥50dB
  • BT Version: 2.1 + EDR
  • Line Input: 2ch RCA, 5.1
  • Weight: 4.51Kg

If you are in search of the best 5.1 speakers under Rs. 15000, then Zebronics BT6590RUCF is an ideal match for you. This particular sound system is quite affordable and comes with numerous options, like SD Card Slot, Bluetooth 2.1 Connectivity, and USB Ports.

Zebronics BT6590RUCF is easily connectable with LED TV and any smartphone or gadget, which supports a 3.5mm jack. This particular speaker is customized with a unique glossy panel offering an outstanding appearance. This cheap speaker also comes with an LED display to show information about connectivity modes.

Zebronics BT6590RUCF renders multiple connectivity options, like USB/ BT/ AUX/ SD. This speaker also supports FM Radio and remote-control options.

Logitech Z506 Surround Sound 5.1 Multimedia Speakers

Features & Specifications

  • 5.1 Multimedia Speaker
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Powerful 100Watts Peak Power
  • Compact Control Console And Wireless Remote
  • THX Certified Theater-Quality Audio
  • Inputs For Multiple Audio Sources (TV, PC, and Game Console)
  • 8-inch Ported Subwoofer For Deep Bass
  • RCA Audio/3.5mm Jack Support

Logitech Z506 is a premium-quality surround sound multimedia speaker, which provides a rich and clear sound to users. This 150Watts RMS is packed with 5 Speakers and 1 Subwoofer for better hearing. You can simply access a power and sound column customized on the right satellite speaker.

Place yourself with ecstatic experience with Logitech Z506 Surround Sound 5.1 Multimedia Speakers includes right, center, and left channels, two rear satellite speakers, and one subwoofer.

You can enjoy cinema centers surround sound experience is your residence comfort. This multimedia speaker supports multiple connections, and so you can use your computer sound card to connect via six-channel inputs and enjoy great sound clarity.

Logitech Z506 creates 3D stereo surround sound from two-channel sources and gets connected with other systems via RCA inputs or 3.5mm jack. This speaker allows you to remain connected with two devices simultaneously.

There’s no requirement of detachment when switching between these two audio sources.

This multimedia speaker allows users with easy access power, volume, and satellite speaker as well. Additionally, you can personalize your experience with a committed subwoofer control access. Logitech Z506 5.1 Speaker net weight is quite a minimum of 5.1Kg, which is comparatively low.

iBall 5.1 Home Theater Speaker

Features & Specifications

  • Configuration: 5.1 Home Theater Speakers
  • Total Audio Power: 120Watts RMS
  • Remote Control Access
  • Connectivity: SD Card/ MMC Card/ USB Port
  • 3-inch Full-Range Speaker Driver
  • Easily Connected To MP3 Players, Walkman, and PCs
  • Audio Output Mode: Stereo
  • Speaker Connectivity: Weird
  • Items Weight: 19Kg (Heavy)

This fully-wooden 5.1 home theater under Rs. 15000 features a weird remote control speaker. iBall 5.1 Home Theater Multimedia Speaker is personalized with bass ports that produce rich and deep-sounding bass.

This speaker’s front panel features an LED Switch On/Off indicator. This satellite panel is also made with other meters and switches, which is an insulated surface upon electronic gadgets.

iBall 5.1 Home Theater Multimedia Speaker renders smart connection with other systems, like MP3 Player, Walkmans, and Personal Computers. The smart switches can control separate systems and a subwoofer offers a sound range of 15Watts RMS. This multimedia sound system is customized within 3-inches full-range speaker and unique appearance.

In case you want a good sound system at a reasonable price range, iBall 5.1 Home Theater Multimedia Speaker is very much recommended to all music lovers.

This excellent quality speaker is manufactured with USB Port and SD/MMC Card Slot, which allows users listen to music within external sources, such as – pen drives, smartphones, or memory cards. The satellites are magnetically protected and offering a complete year warranty for this 120Watts iBall 5.1 Home Theater Speaker.

Mitashi BS-120BT 5.1 Home Theater

Features & Specifications

  • Connectivity: 5.1 Home Theater Speakers
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 8500Watts PMPO
  • Audio Output Mode: Stereo/ Surround
  • Speaker Connectivity: Weird
  • Connector Type: USB/Bluetooth/AUX
  • Weight: 8.5Kg
  • Special Features: SC Card Reader/Remote Control/ FM Radio

Mitashi BS-120BT 5.1 Home Theater Speaker is compatible with Mp3/Mp4 Players, PCs, Laptops, DVD Players, Music Systems, and TVs. The subwoofer emits rich as well as weighty noises along with complete range satellite, which’s capable rending sufficient surround sound.

This reasonable sound system comes with one subwoofer and five satellite speakers. This excellent quality speaker engages immersive experiences of the ultimate cut in the world of music along with 8500Watts POMP gives you an idea about its maximum power, which a sound system can manage within a shorter span.

With Mitashi BS-120BT 5.1 Home Theater’s 8500Watts PMPO music enthusiasts can experience incredible clear audio and premium experiences.

This particular sound system comes within an in-built FM Radio Tuner, which allows users to enjoy listening to songs or news straight away from the radio station. Additionally, you can enjoy an unmatched audio performance as it is supplemented with a simple plug-and-play SD Card Reader and USB Cable offering accessibility to more music with crystal clear audio.

Mitashi BS-120BT 5.1 Home Theater is customized with a remote control system along with adjusts volume and system control options at a user’s convenience.

You can remain connected with any other audio system as it is paired with portal speakers and anytime play you preferred music with such a great sound system. Mitashi BS-120BT is manufactured with Dolby Pro Logic II technology and Bluetooth Connectivity.

Blaupunkt SBW500 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System

Features & Specifications

  • 5.1 Channel Sound Bar
  • 7 Presets Equalizers
  • Auto Pairing
  • Supports Analogue And Digital Connection
  • Wireless Speaker Connectivity
  • Audio Output Mode: Surround
  • Weight: 13.1Kg

Blaupunkt SBW500 5.1 Home Theater System will offer music enthusiasts with great sound experiences. This channel sound system is packed with one subwoofer and five satellite speakers, which will offer you real-music and surround sound experience in your room. This speaker is everywhere connectable and so you can continue watching your movies or audio songs.

Blaupunkt SBW500 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System will offer you great sound with perfect clarity and separation to give you real-world experience.

The subwoofer’s intense sound coupled with great sound clarity and separation, which will offer a perfect audio experience to listeners. This 5.1 Channel Sound Bar allows auto-pairing with very simple, quick, and intuitively.

You only need to set up your system and allow it to do the rest so you can seek relaxation.

Blaupunkt SBW500 5.1 Speakers gets suitable connected with all your system, such as – smartphones, game console, or personal computers – via analogue or modern options. Now you can select the right sound, which comes with an equalizer – rock/normal/pop/classic/jazz.

Zebronics ZEB BT9451 RUCF 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater System

Features & Specifications

  • Connectivity: 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speakers
  • Speaker Type: Desktop, Subwoofer, Satellite
  • Peak Power Output: 90Watts
  • Weight: 13.7Kg
  • Connector Type: USB Port /Bluetooth/Mp3 Player
  • Special Features: SC Card Reader/Remote Control/ FM Radio Tuner

Zebronics ZEB BT9451 RUCF 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater System is extremely powerful entailing 3” full-range of drivers for satellites and 8” bass drivers for subwoofers, which is excellent to feel cinematic experience inside your room.

This affordable sound system comes with incredible sound quality and it is going to impress prospective purchasers.

Zebronics ZEB BT9451 RUCF is an ideal choice for loud music enthusiasts since it is manufactured with a wooden cabinet subwoofer to generate excellent brass.

This is really one of the best 5.1 speakers in India and manufactured using updated technologies, and so users can enjoy distortion-free listening experiences for long timing. This particular speaker is customized with an excellent user interface and renders excellent convenience to all users.

Zebronics ZEB BT9451 RUCF 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater System is coupled with a complete remote-control system, which is quite an easy carrying.

And so, you can enjoy listening to music and watch movies with excellent sound clarity in it. This great speaker also supports an SD Card Reader, USB Port, Bluetooth Connectivity, and Mp3 Players.

Zebronics ZEB BT9451 RUCF comes with a bright LED display, FM Radio Tuner, SD/MMC Card Slot, and USB Pen Drive. This speaker also renders minimum connectivity choices compared with other speakers available in India.

This concludes the list of 10 best 5.1 Speakers available in India and priced under Rs. 15000.

In case you’ve any confusion or recommendations regarding our selected speakers among mass available in the market, please write-to-us in the comment section. Hopefully, you can choose an ideal speaker within affordable rates now!

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